WCU Online Spring/Summer Live Webinar Schedule

Lesson B-415 Following Up      $49
Wednesday, August 20th 4:00 Eastern
Instructor: Neil Gordon
Following up on leads is one of the most challenging things we do. Most sales do not occur until after several attempts to follow up. One of the secrets of getting your follow-up to pay off is to become systematic about it, so that each attempt takes as little time as possible. In this session we will cover:

  • Understanding that persistence pays off
  • How to improve your Follow Up Skills
  • Creating a Follow Up Contact System

You will learn in this session critical reasons to make sure that you have a developed Follow Up system.

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Lesson B-411 Add-On Selling      $49

Tuesday August 26th 4:00 Eastern
Instructor: Margarett DeGange  
The Art and Science of the Add-On Sale:

Master the Surefire Way to Increase Profits Ensure Satisfied Customers

In this sizzling selling session geared towards serious profit-building, you will learn the powerful principles of add–on selling, and how you can quickly, easily, and strategically tap into this additional income stream to add profits to your business FAST!

Gain the knowledge and the confidence to immediately take on the magical world of add-on selling. Learn and REALLY DIGEST the importance of add-on sales for YOU, for your PROFITS, for YOUR Customers, and for gaining NEW CUSTOMERS. Work smarter, and make more money!

Here's what to EXPECT from this power-packed session:
  • Learn why add-ons are ESSENTIAL in the sales process, and why your customer needs them.
  • Discover what the customer's TRUE fears are when spending additional money
  • Uncover the myths about being a  “Pushy Salesperson”
  • Find out what your customer EXPECTS from you but does not voice to you
  • Know with assurance what to offer to which customers, and how to “persuade” without “pushing”
  • Tune into the SIGNALS your customer is sending, telling you they want to spend more.
  • Get privy to the IDEAL TYPES of add-on products that YOU  can sell
  • Master the GOLDEN LIST of the best add-on products to offer
  • Cash in on HOW to easily sell these add-on items
  • Get clued in on the concept of  “ROMANCING  the ADD-ON”
  • Gain insight into the BEST TYPE of customer to sell a lot of add-ons to
  • Get hip to a  TRIED AND TRUE, SUREFIRE WAY to add $200, $400, $600, and even MORE to almost every sale from ONE SIMPLE STRATEGY that your CUSTOMER WILL LOVE
  • Grasp how each add-on sale can KEEP making you money over and over again
  • AND, get a NEW CAR just for taking the class (KIDDING)

Join us for this fun, informative, and profit-building class!

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